“The introduction of machines alongside free weights was a natural path
consistent with the goal of maximum results in the shortest amount of
time,” says Tyler Hobson, global director of strength at Pendulum and
Rogers Athletic.Once viewed as a way to maximize free-weight-training footprints, these
machines have become a means to improve motion, technique, and more
for users.

“Once a person develops the skill necessary to successfully manoeuvre
their way around a weight room then plate-loaded equipment and free
weights become interchangeable,” he notes. “However, when working with
novice lifters, time is spent utilizing machines to speed up the learning
curve, increase the likelihood of success, and hopefully create a
long-term habit by teaching a step-by-step tier method of developing

“A biomechanically sound machine instantly provides results by reducing
the skill needed to perform the movement,” “It can take years to master a
complex Olympic movement. By removing that long learning curve, we can
provide immediate results.”

Pendulum & Performance machines, reduce the skills necessary to
perform exercises while increasing the effectiveness of the movement.
Rogers Athletic, Pendulum Strength’s parent company, has been
manufacturing athletic equipment since the 1930s and has a long track
record serving collegiate and professional sports programmes. Pendulum
Strength has been manufacturing strength equipment for these
programs for over 25 years and has been part of Rogers Athletic since
2007. The company recently moved into the club space a new line of
machines called Pendulum Performance.

The Pendulum line of products consists of the following range of
machines – 3 Way Row, 4 Way Row, 5 Way Neck, Lat Combo Pull, MX4,Pit
Shark (Tall & Short), Glute Ham, Hip Press, Leg Extension, Grip Cart, Power
Grip Pro, Power Squat Pro, Prone Leg Curl, Reverse Glute Ham.
The new Pendulum Performance line features five focused pieces, with
more coming in the future. This product focusses on getting the
advantages of the Pendulum line into the club space:
The range consisist of a 3 Way Row, Shoulder Press, Power Squat, Chest
Press and Hip Press

“All machines are not created equal,” “The body is a complex system
of levers powered by muscular contractions. Exercise machines should
move in harmony within these systems’ constraints. Pendulum Strength
has over 25 years of experience in developing these machines with the
aid of industry professionals, exercise physiologists, physical therapists,
and our nation’s top strength and conditioning programs. The quest has
always been to increase results in less time using tools and strategic
training. Pendulum has continued this pursuit by creating apex
instruments to maximize results.”




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