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Refurbished Equipment Buying Guide

Buy Refurbished Fitness Equipment

What to look for when buying a re-manufactured piece of equipment.

Always ask the supplier what they do to a machine when they re-manufacture it.  Get them to produce evidence to prove that the work they claim is being carried out is done either through video evidence or visiting the manufacturing facility to review their process.  A day spent checking is well worth it if it enables you to make the right decision. Reputable companies have internal processes in place to guarantee quality and are well worth seeing.

Alarm bells should ring if the supplier refuses you access to their site.

There are companies that claim to re-manufacture machines when in reality they simply clean them with a rag, spray aerosol paint on them and then send them out for delivery.

Always check that the supplier has the stock available for you to buy, there may be long lead times on a particular item that you wish to purchase.


Refurbished Treadmills

Questions to ask and things to look for when buying a Treadmill.

There are several different types of running belts that can be fitted onto a treadmill with varying degrees of quality.

They can either be pre-waxed or non-waxed running belts that are either single ply or two ply.

Different types of belts will differ in terms of both price and quality and there will also be a difference in the operational life of the belt. This is strongly correlated to the price you pay. 

Always ask before purchase what type of belt your treadmill will have. A pre-waxed two ply running belt is the best quality and is the most expensive to buy however it should last for many years. The pre-waxed belts will never require any further maintenance once fitted. 

A non-waxed single ply belt will only last for a short period of time and will require maintenance throughout its lifetime with the regular use of silicone waxing.

Ask if the treadmill has been fully stripped down back to the frame for painting as part of the refurbishment process.  Has the frame as part of this process been shot blasted prior to painting?

Again all these processes will have an impact on the quality.  There are a number of companies in the market place who will be using cheap automotive aerosol cans to touch up paintwork on machines and then claim that they have been fully refurbished.

Find out if the bearings in the rollers that drive the running belt been replaced with new ones?  This will ensure that the machine runs quietly for many years to come.

Ask also what work has been carried out to the drive motor and lift motor. Both of these items should be fully overhauled with new bearings, parts inspected and changed as required.


Refurbished Crosstrainers

Questions to ask and things to look for when buying a Crosstrainer or Total Fitness trainer

One of the most important things to check for on a crosstrainer is the condition of the ramp. The ramp enables the arms to move freely and therefore needs to be renewed or refurbished. This will determine how smoothly your 'ride' is when using the machine. 

It can be a complex and costly process to replace a ramp once you have purchased a crosstrainer, so do your homework and check prior to purchase.  Always ask what work has been carried out on the ramp of the machine where applicable.  The condition of the ramp is a good indicator of the thoroughness of the rest of the work that has also been carried out. Once again it is very common to simply clean with a rag and claim that a full refurbishment has taken place.

Due to the complexity of the arm layout on a total body crosstrainer the joints and bearings on used machines do get a lot of wear and tear and will need replacing. Ask what work has been carried out to these areas of the machine and what replacement parts have been used.

Ask also what work has been carried out to the generator or alternator as these are items that should also be fully overhauled with bearings and brushes being replaced.

New drive and generator belts should always be fitted to the machine.


Refurbished Exercise Bikes

Questions to ask and things to look for when buying a Bike

It is a lot easier to buy a bike as they are simpler mechanically, the generator, pedals and crank bearings are the only moving parts.

The generator should be fully overhauled with bearings replaced and fully checked.

New pedals should always be fitted so ask the question. Also check that the crank bearings, drive belts and generator belts have been replaced with new.