Refurbished Precor EFX 576i Experience Cross-Trainer SKU: PRECOR376

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Brand: Precor

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Refurbished Precor EFX 576i Experience Cross-Trainer

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Commercially made, the Precor 576i Experience Series Cross trainer is a gym grade elliptical trainer features an adjustable ramp and moving arms. Featuring an adjustable stride length and an incline ramp ranging from 13-40 degrees the 576i offers a total body workout that works all four limbs, head to toe.

Heavy duty built, cross trainers couldn’t any more durable than the 576i. With a double powder-coated steel frame to prevent rust, this makes it reliable, robust and maintenance free. Unique amongst it’s rivals, the 576i is the only cross trainer that has both an adjustable incline ramp, as well as upper body arms that move back and forth with the user as they exercise. Having the ability to adjust the degree of difficulty of the incline ramp, the 576i elevates you through it’s powered incline ramp whilst providing you with an upper body workout. This award winning self-powered cordless elliptical was built to last, sturdy, safe and secure, even throughout the most intense workouts. It’s attention to detail justifies it’s durability throughout it’s structural integrity and mechanical capacities presenting you with a variety of readouts that are sure to keep you on top of your progress.