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Prime Fitness Squat Wedge Solos 10-30 Degree Pairs

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Elevating the heels during a squat is the optimal way to reduce the effects of limited flexibility and mobility at the ankle, knee and/or hip, enter PRIME Squat Wedges.


For many people, optimizing squat mechanics also requires a slight opening of the hips and widening of the feet, allowing for a full range of motion (calf to knee connection). On a traditional wedge, where the path of the incline is perpendicular to the hips and feet creates an inward rotation that makes it difficult to stabilize the knee during the squat. With the NEW PRIME SW | SOLOS, a user can externally rotate the wedge set-up position to match their body’s ideal angle of the feet. This alignment allows the hips to open and drives the knees right in line with the feet position – creating an extraordinarily natural and smooth squat like you’ve never felt before!