Prime Fitness USA RO-T8 20″ 4N1 SKU: 1204744

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Brand: Prime Fitness USA

Prime Fitness USA RO-T8 20″ 4N1

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Introducing the NEW PRIME RO-T8 3N1 Handles. The newest member of the PRIME RO-T8 Family! The RO-T8 3N1 Handles feature the same ergonomic paddle grip you love on the original RO-T8 Handles [maximizing output potential], but these have been taken to a whole new-level of versatility. The RO-T8 3N1 Handles offer a 3-grip-position feature that can be adjusted from a neutral grip to a pronated or supinated position in just seconds! What used to require as many as 6 individual accessories, can now be achieve in just 2!

The RO-T8 3N1 Handles are offered in two width options, 6″ and 14″ and both are available in PRIME Green & Black. As with all PRIME equipment, the RO-T8 3N1 Handles are 100% #handcrafted in the U.S.A. and built to last! Check out the video to see them in action!


Meet the RO-T8 Family from PRIME, the the most versatile accessory equipment in the world for pulls and flyes. The RO-T8 Family is the perfect introduction to PRIME, as it captures PRIME’s core mission – to create strength equipment that challenges the status quo and utilizes science to create smarter, more effective and more efficient strength equipment.