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Prime Fitness Prodigy HLP Plate Loaded Single Stack

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The Prodigy HLP Single Stack series was born out of necessity for those looking for a compact, cost effective, versatile solution for a legitimate cable station. The search is over – introducing the Prodigy HLP Selectorised and Plate Loaded Single Stacks. Both of these options offer an incredible amount of versatility and functionality, featuring both a fixed upper pulley and fully adjustable pulley system. These products also come equipped with built-in band pegs for ease of use when adding bands to applicable exercise, convenient storage capabilities, and accommodate a wide variety of the increasingly popular Prodigy attachment options, like the Lat Pulldown Seat, Low Row Footplate, Dip Bar, and Single Leg Roller Pad, to name a few.

The Prodigy line of racks from PRIME was created to blur the line between commercial and home-gym equipment. The line features four rack options, all of which can be combined and connected in a plethora of configuration, options, taking customization to another level. Each rack comes standard with both J-Hooks and Spotter Arms (Power Rack comes standard with Spotter Bars in place of Spotter Arms), making them the perfect canvas for the wide assortment of add-on features available for the Prodigy Line.