Prime Fitness KAZ Handles (Pair) SKU: 1206839-1204692

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Brand: Prime Fitness USA

Prime Fitness KAZ Handles (Pair)

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PRIME KAZ Handles are now available in a small (1.70-2.25”) and large (2.00-2.5”). The KAZ Handles offer incredible versatility, with the ability to transform a “D” style handle, to a longer option for the functionality similar to a tricep rope, in seconds. Beyond the versatility, the other feature that makes the KAZ Handles unique is the shape, KAZ Handles feature a tapering in the diameter to match the natural mechanics of the human hand. Putting more focus on the muscle being trained, and less about fighting the ergonomics of the grip itself. Exercises that can truly be mechanically improved with the KAZ Handles are almost limitless.


Meet the RO-T8 Family from PRIME, the the most versatile accessory equipment in the world for pulls and flyes. The RO-T8 Family is the perfect introduction to PRIME, as it captures PRIME’s core mission – to create strength equipment that challenges the status quo and utilizes science to create smarter, more effective and more efficient strength equipment.