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BOSU Balance Trainer

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With the ability to be integrated into various types of fitness training, the BOSU Balance Trainer Pro is a unique training tool that can also stand alone as a complete workout trainer. Designed for the home user, the BOSU Balance Trainer Pro Home Package comes complete with an owner’s manual, pump and eating plan.

Who Can Make Gains with the BOSU Pro Home Package? The super-versatile BOSU can help you reach the next level in multiple disciplines: beyond core and balance training, it can also be used for cardiovascular workouts, strength training and sports-focused drills. Everyone, from complete beginners to the most advanced users, can find a way to make the BOSU work for them. Building Core Stability The unique shape and structure of the BOSU trainer has been developed with fitness enthusiasts in mind. Allowing users to hone their coordination, balance and strength, the versatility of the BOSU is remarkable. This ultimate functional fitness tool can be used for everything from targeted sports conditioning (both aerobic and anaerobic) to general stability, agility, strength and flexibility training. Integrated Training Functional on both sides, the BOSU (an acronym standing for "Both Sides Up") can be used either dome or platform side up. You can walk, run, step, hop, jump and leap on the BOSU, linking it into your routines or even a complete BOSU class. Endless options and exercise progressions are available, especially when paired with additional BOSU Balance Trainers, BOSU Elite or Bosu Ballast Balls.