An ergometer is an exercise machine that tests the exertion exhibited by certain muscles or that keeps track of how much of a particular exercise has been done. It can also refer to certain exercise machines that allow someone to perform cardio exercises using the arms and legs while remaining in a stationary position. The benefits of using ergometers are the same as with using any other cardio workout equipment. The heart, lungs, bones and muscles all benefit from the use of ergometers. Stress release, weight loss, toning leg and arm muscles are a few examples of what an ergometer can do for the individual. Ergometers have been become popular in physical therapy for people who have physical disabilities, wheelchair users or those who are not physically capable of performing more conventional workouts.

ThereĀ are different types of ergometer machines, some of which only work out the arms, others that work out the legs, and some that do both at the same time.

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StairMaster StairMaster HIIT UBE Upper Body Ergometer

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