PRIME is changing the world of strength training equipment.  Through a keen focus on craftsmanship and innovation PRIME has created a portfolio of the most elite strength equipment in the world.  The cornerstone of PRIME’S plate loaded and sectorized equipment is their patented Smart Strength Technology

Smart Strength is a revolutionary built-in variable resistance technology.  With Smart Strength a user has the ability to move the peak resistance throughout the range of motion of an exercise, meaning that a user can train a muscle in the shortened position (end of the motion) medial position (middle of the motion) or lengthened position (beginning of the motion) This manipulation of the strength curve means more muscle fibre recruitment , from origin to insertion. A game changer in strength training.

PRIME Smart Strength has been taking the UK by storm since its introduction to this market by Staffs Fitness in 2019.  An official accreditation was launched in 2021 “The Prime Official Performance Centre “. Criteria and benefits are outlined below:

As of April 2022, there are 5 UK Performance Centres in the UK, all state of the art fitness facilities, pushing the boundaries in terms of their fitness offer to customers

Morgan’s Group Ltd, Plymouth (Zone Fitness)

Vital Exercise, Manningtree, Essex

Code Fitness, Newark

Trained by JP Ltd, Cheltenham

Elite Physique, Stockport




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