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  1. Precor 100i Experience AMT (Adapt Motion Trainer)


    The award-winning and innovative design of the Adaptive Motion Trainer® (AMT®) 100i intuitively resp..

  2. Precor 576i Experience Crosstrainer


     Commercially made, the Precor 576i Experience Series Cross trainer is a gym grade elliptical t..

  3. Precor 776i Experience Stepper


    With low-maintenance design and extreme durability, the Precor climber uses a low-friction, self-pow..

  4. Precor 846i Experience Recumbent Bike


    On the 846i you’ll enjoy the latest in fitness entertainment systems including a fully-integrated Ca..

  5. Precor 846i Experience Upright Bike


    The Precor Experience Series 846i upright cycle is ergonomically designed for comfort and posture fo..

  6. Precor 956i Experience Treadmill


    Built using heavy-duty superior commercial grade construction to ensure greater efficiency for long-..

  7. Precor AMT 885 with P80 Console


    Allowing unparalleled freedom of motion, the AMT goes from short to long strides, walking to running..

  8. Precor C800 Team Bike


    Engineered for durability and simple maintenance, the Teambike offers an exclusive front fork around..

  9. Precor EFX 546i Experience Cross Trainer


    With Precor's unique CrossRamp® system, the EFX®546i alters the elliptical path between 13 and 40 de..

  10. Precor EFX 556i Experience Cross Trainer


    With Precor's unique CrossRamp® system, the EFX®556i alters the elliptical path between 13 and 40 de..

  11. Precor EFX 576i Experience Cross Trainer


    The EFX®576i combines the benefits of Precor’s unique CrossRamp® with total upper body movement to m..

  12. Precor Icarian Dual Cable Pulldown

    £1,500.00 £1,299.00

    The FT334 Pulldown offers user-defined overhead pulling motion, including diverging and independent ..

  13. Precor Icarian FT555 Dual Cable Shoulder Press


    The Precor Icarian FT555 Shoulder offers the freedom of movement pressing overhead. The users’ natur..

  14. Precor Icarian White flat Olympic Bench

    £600.00 £499.00

    The versatility and durability of the Olympic Flat Bench make it a valuable piece of equipment ..

  15. Precor TRM 833 Treadmill


    Incline range: 0-15% InclineGround Effects Impact Control SystemIntegrated Footplant TechnologySpeed..

  16. Precor TRM 885 Treadmill


     Treadmill TRM 885Incline range: -3% decline to 15% inclineGround Effects® & Integrated Foo..

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