Home Gym Products

Fitness enthusiasts have worked creatively during the Covid lockdown to bring the gym experience to their home and to not lose out on their fitness goals through this very challenging time.

Although the gyms are due to reopen imminently, for many people it is becoming more convenient to work out from the comfort of their own home and they will in all likelihood use a combination of the gym and their home moving forward.

To stay motivated at home, dedicating a room/space/garage to fitness can help stay focused and enhance training goals. Many home gym products are adaptable to fit in any size home.

Check out our product range which is perfect to use in multiple environments:

MYO Strength Semi-Commercial Half Rack

The MYO Strength semi-commercial range is perfect for use in a home gym, corporate facilities, personal training facilities, hotel, and leisure centres, etc. Not to mention its stylish and modern finish.

MYO Strength Adjustable Bench


The MYO Strength adjustable bench offers an industry leading selection of commercial pieces that have been built and tested to the highest of standards of quality. Perfect to use with racks and smith machines, alongside dumbbell’s.

MYO Strength 1 – 10kg Urethane Dumbbell Set

As an alternative to traditional rubber dumbbells, these have solid steel heads with shock absorbing, durable urethane plating. The chrome handles create a sturdy, solid weight that will not damage any flooring if dropped.

The dumbbell set increases in 1kg increments, perfect for using multiple weights for various workouts.

For storage, there is a vertical curved dumbbell rack which fits the MYO  1kg – 10kg dumbbell sets.

MYO Strength Aerobic Step Box with 4 Risers

Perfect for training at home, each Step Box comes with four raiser blocks and has a ridged, anti-slip top for improved grip. The Step Box helps improve coordination, agility, leg strength, muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

MYO Strength Competition Kettlebell’s

Steel competition kettlebells with smooth finish and a hollow core. The kettlebell’s have a large base for stability when performing floor-based exercises, alongside being colour coded for ease of identification.

The kettlebell’s range from 4kg – 40kg.

For storage, there is also a kettlebell rack to fit the complete set of kettlebell’s.

Attack Fitness Medicine Ball’s

Medicine balls are perfect to use to target a variety of movements, such as arms, abs, and shoulders.

The double-grip handles are comfortable and allow ease of use whilst training. The medicine balls can be used for endurance, strength, balance, agility, and cardio training. Functional exercises can also be enhanced.

The medicine balls range from 3kg – 10kg.