Staffordshire Police – Lichfield Police Station Gym


Lichfield Police Station has recently had a gym installed to support the physical fitness and wellbeing of its police officers.

The police force recognises that fitness is a good measure of the overall level of health and wellness of a police officer .  An officer who is physically fit, is more likely going to be at a healthy weight, have a strong body and be at lower risk of disease and injury

Staffs Fitness worked with Lichfield Police station to provide a compact and functional gym


Myo Multi Gym

Myo Dumbbells and Rack

Myo Competition Kettlebells

Attack Airbike

Attack Ski Erg

Attack Row

Startrac S Series Treadmill


The gym will be key to the health and well being of the staff working from there . It will also help to support their families who as part of the membership scheme can use the Force gyms .
Without the ongoing support and expertise of Staffs Fitness this gym would never have been delivered and I and my colleagues are grateful.

Craig Burton, Staffordshire Police