The Oasis Academy – Oldham


The Oasis Academy in Oldham has a School motto ” Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community ”

The school has the following vision and values:

“We want our students to work together to improve their school and their wider community; to take up every chance they are offered in school and to make the best possible choices about their own behaviour and ultimately their own futures.

We identify and develop the gifts, talents and interests of all our students. Our curriculum and extended opportunities enable all students to engage in their education. They enjoy learning and achieve success. We help them learn how to be healthy and stay safe. They make positive contributions to their Academy, their community and the wider world. They develop spiritual, social, physical, emotional and economic wellbeing. The achievements of all our students are valued. ”

With this in mind the school asked Staffs Fitness to provide a comprehensive fitness suite . Delivered in October 2021 the pupils have everything that they need to stay fit and healthy and to develop personal wellbeing.


Attack Strength Leg Extension/Leg Curl

Attack Strength Lat Pulldown/Low Row

Attack Strength Pec Fly/Rear Delt

Attack Strength Dual Adjustable Pulley

Attack Strength Multi Press

Attack Airbike

Attack Row

Myo Free Standing 1/2 Rack

Myo Dumbbells & Rack

Myo Discs, Sandbags,Barbells & Medicine Balls

Stairmaster Gauntlet

Startrac S Series Treadmills

Startrac S Series Cross Trainer

Startrac S Series Upright Bike

Statrac S Series Recumbent Bike



Thrilled with the products and service that we have received from Staffs Fitness
I look forward to seeing our students using the fitness suite

Katie McLaren, Head of Extended Services