As an industry leader, Myo Strength offers a broad range of fitness products for commercial gyms, workout spaces; and fitness studios; as well as mind-body studios and equipment for therapists.

With over 350 product lines from dumbbells to olympic weights, boxing bags to plyometric boxes the Myo Strength range caters for a wide range of fitness needs. Constantly evolving to meet the demands of an ever growing fitness movement


Myo MYO strength Dumbbell Rack - 10 Pair 3 Tier with Stirrups

£474.00 Inc VAT

Myo MYO Strength Free Standing Rigs - Including J Hooks

£1,305.60 Inc VAT

Myo MYO Strength Hand Wrap - 100% Cotton (2.5m)

£7.20 Inc VAT

Attack Strength Range just launched