When Andrew Hall made the decision to launch Arsenal Strength in 2015, he envisioned it filling a very specific niche in the fitness world.

Lifters and fitness enthusiasts were getting tired of mass-produced anything—even big-box gyms—and small, high-end training centres were booming. At the same time, online fitness was exploding, particularly on Instagram, where a new breed of athlete was searching for unique, high-quality equipment to help show what was possible with the human body. Somewhere between these two Hall knew there was a great business opportunity.

Demand for the company’s services has expanded from word of mouth and a steady stream of “Where did you get that?” questions about its unique equipment, such as the Pro Vertical Leg Press

But as is often the case with successful companies, Arsenal also ended up going in directions that its founders never imagined. Since 2015 Arsenal in collaboration with Bodybuilding.com in the USA have worked on major programmes in the USA particularly in the education sector and independent gym space sector.

Barely two years into business, Arsenal Strength was growing as fast as the people using its equipment. It has opened a new 10,000-square-foot headquarters outside of Knoxville USA, is working with a manufacturer to design and build a range of customized fitness machines and is seeing explosive growth in its client base.

Hall and the team have created 4 key ranges of equipment, all custom designed and rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality.

The ranges cater to a wide spectrum of customer requirement:

Reloaded – A series of plate loaded equipment that is becoming the industry standard. With features such as range limiters, floating handles, encased linear bearings, as well as meticulous attention to biomechanics.

M1 Selectorized Equipment – Gives a nod to the old school feel but features a rugged, more modern appearance utilizing top of the line materials such as Kevlar belt

Alpha Series– The basics that every gym owner will need. We’ve got it all, and they are that much better.

Bravo – A cost effective series

Arsenal Strength are rapidly becoming the leading provider of strength equipment and gym design worldwide, living their passion every day designing and equipping the top facilities around the globe. The Staffs Fitness Ltd team are proud to be working to support this international expansion through the UK and Europe





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